Introducing Zoomus Proximity Marketing

Our simplest, most effective marketing tool ever.

It’s like a virtual billboard for your business!

Zoomus sends your ad to nearby phones and laptops: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo, AOL, CNN and many many more…

You choose the area… We produce your ad – Your ad will be up in days…

5,000 Impressions in a 30 day period
$250.00 per month


Zoomus Proximity Marketing is localized distribution of advertising content usually associated with a particular place. Ads can be delivered and viewed by individuals in that location. Consumers see ads that are product information, coupons, and other relevant content as they use apps and websites.

Zoomus Proximity Marketing is the hottest new trend in digital marketing for business. This type of Geo-Fencing has up to this point only been available to large retailers and corporations. The absolute best passive prospecting and advertising tool is now available to every business regardless of size.