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Whether they’re looking for your people, your places, or your products, consumers and search engines alike consider your website the authoritative source for facts about your brand.  The Zoomus Solution™ makes it easy to add and update these facts on your website, ensuring that the answers consumers find in intelligent search results are always accurate. Local SEO also encompasses factors that don’t play a major role in traditional SEO, such as Google My Business, local directories and proximity to the searcher. A business that invests in local SEO is more likely to attract customers to their website as well as to their business location.

Conventional SEO works by using keywords, site design, link building, reputation management and social signals to help a website rank for keywords that their audience is searching for on Google. Local SEO takes these concepts a step further by targeting customers located nearby through geographical search terms. The most notable difference is the utilization of local keywords, NAP data, reviews and citations in local SEO to target nearby consumers.

The difference between local SEO and traditional SEO might seem small, but it is significant. Some business owners make the mistake of assuming a traditional SEO strategy is enough to help them reach local customers and clients. Although traditional SEO is still essential to online marketing, SEO without a targeted local approach will only serve to broaden a business’ web presence rather than allowing it to hone in on its desired target market.

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